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April 5th, 2011

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Author: James Gavin

Over the past few years, online poker has been extensively increased in popularity. More and more people are now exploring the game of poker and some are making good money by playing online poker. You too can win a poker game by playing it online. There are certain tips that will help anyone to play better poker and win more money.

Tip One: If you are a beginner, do not play too many hands at once. If you play more than two hands at the same time, it will divide your concentration and you will not be able to predict the progress of your different hands properly. This will also result in losing money faster. It is desirable that you stick with one hand in the beginning and gradually move up. Once you are acquainted and are more experienced in the poker game, two hands is a good idea because it can help you win more money. However, to maximize earnings initially, your focus must be on higher value hands.

Tip Two: Be watchful of your opponents. The best poker players are the most observant to their opponent’s behavioral patterns. Observe carefully your opponents betting habits. If they are someone who likes to bluff without careful consideration or thought, you would not be tempted to fold your hand when they place a high value bet. There are some players who place high value bet only when they have good hand. If you can identify this type of betting behavior of your opponents, you know when to fold and save your money. Poker is a game of continuous learning. If you are well aware of your opponents betting habits and techniques it will be much easier for you to predict what kind of hand your opponents have and you can play accordingly making careful and calculative decision in order to win or to save your money. Suppose, you have folded early in any particular game, then you have time left with you which you can utilize in observing and studying your opponents.

Tip Three: Betting is a very valuable tool when utilized properly. Betting can be utilized in order to gain information about your opponents. Some bet high to see if their opponents still stay in. Re-rises is also used to test the patience of opponents. If you check, and your opponent bets, that means he or she may have a better hand than you. In this way ‘Checking’ can also be used as a technique to save your money. Also, if you notice your opponent checking, you might think that he or she may have a bad hand.

Tip Four: Remember, when you use ‘Bluffing technique’ you must be very unpredictable in order to take advantage of the situation. The best poker players use the bluffing technique very cautiously. Some players bluff without any thought or consideration about the outcome and end up losing their money. It is dangerous if someone establishes himself or herself as a bluffer over the period of time. It is best that you remain unpredictable to your opponents. It is better to bluff when you know the outcome or have a strong belief that your bluff would not be tested by anyone.

Online poker can be enjoyable and good to make some quick money. If you follow these basic tips it might be more beneficial for you than others. Poker is a game where ongoing learning is involved. There is always scope for improvement, so never hesitate to read a book about poker and boost your knowledge and skill about the game. Poker is a game of observation and alertness. Excellent poker players not only understand the game of poker but they also understand all of their opponents and know their techniques.

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