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August 8th, 2011

Do you want to know how it is possible for sports betting pros to make an income year after year? Let’s be honest, luck has to be taken out of the equation when you are talking about people who have been making money for decades on end all while just betting on sports. There is a very clear difference between the average sports bettors and those who make a full time living doing what they love, betting on sports! Let’s look at how to win at sports betting and how you can get started today.

One important difference with sports bettors is that they do their best to take the emotion out of betting. Most people that gamble want to make a quick return on their money and let their emotions dictate how they bet and why. The reason behind every bet is critical to longer term success. If you are someone who loves the rush of winning a bet there is nothing wrong with that IF you are able to control your emotions and stick to a battle plan.

Sports betting professionals use sports betting system and betting progressions to ensure they try and maximise their winnings and reduce their loses. It can be very common for sports bettors to only hit 40% over a series of bets and still pull in a profit. Other punters can hit over 50-60% and still end up losing their entire bankroll? Why does happen? Well the most important thing to consider is how to bet and not who to bet.

Looking at “how to bet” instead of who to bet is critical. Sports bettors have a system they stick to so they can slowly build up their bank roll over time. After months and years this amount can grow into a healthy bankroll without ever increasing the chances of going broke.

You need to approach sports betting mathematically exactly the same way that sports bettors do. They see betting as a business and every decision is made with that in mind. They see the bigger picture over a longer period instead of a series of big losses over one day or one week or even 1 month, long term focus is what it is about.

Never ever bet with money you can’t afford to lose. This is why sports betting professional will have bankrolls for the sole purpose of betting and nothing else. You must have money aside for your betting and not use your rent money or car payment money to try and double or triple your money on a “lock bet”. This is where people can quickly lose everything they have.

Even if you only have a few hundred dollars, with the right betting mindset you can grow that slowly overtime to a huge amount of money. It requires dedication and patience but it is the only way to do it if you are serious about making long term money with sports betting.

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