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May 7th, 2011

The Paroli strategy is a well known and well used system utilized to improve the odds of winning in roulette. You could encounter the Paroli system by it’s other title – the Positive Progression System. When it comes to it’s basic principles the Paroli is nearly the exact opposite of the very popular Martingale. The Paroli Roulette systems doubles the stake when you win rather than a loss like Martingale. In theory it should be less risky than other systems, especially when you playing online roulette.

Any regular roulette player will probably know all about the even money bets. The Even money bets are the ones which are divided into two possible outcomes, like red/black, odd/even or even high/low. The odds of even money bets are obviously higher than all other possible bets. To increase the chance of winning you have to start at any of the even money bets. You should further increase your chances by always playing at European Roulette wheels which have only one zero unlike the American wheels. However, in Paroli roulette, start with a low amount of bet. Let us guess that your initial stake is 1 dollar and you’re simply betting on even numbers. The overall game starts and the dealer spins the wheel. The ball lands on an even number and you win. Now you will double your initial bet means your bet for next spin is going to be $2. Winning the next bet means that you’ll have to bet $4 on the next spin. You have to keep doubling your stake with every win you make. However, when you will lose, reverse back to the initial amount of bet and start again. A key point about Paroli roulette is that you should have a predetermined plan about when to stop. Perhaps you can choose that if you win three times then you will stop. So when you will achieve 3 successive wins don’t wait for the 4th one. You should then either stop completely or then revert to the initial stake. It’s essential to Paroli that you maintain and stick to any plan devised beforehand.

A major advantage of the Paroli roulette system is that it doesn’t require a huge bankroll to operate. Paroli can be an excellent way to minimize your loss. The negative side is more on human behavior. Players get carried away and forget about their exit plans especially when they win a few spins. It’s actually easy to avoid this trap, by just listening to your head. Do not make any decision on the table. Define your limits and the plan before you play and then stick to it. I’d suggest only using this system either at a real casino or at one of the few Live roulette websites that are becoming increasingly common.

It is important to understand that Paroli does not actually alter any of the odds in roulette. No system can guarantee win. Paroli roulette system is only helpful to create a methodical way of playing the game. The system helps you play with your head rather than your heart. You’ll never find a good roulette player who relies on his emotions. Create a plan according to the Paroli roulette system and see how far your luck can take you. Never get carried away with any system though as they don’t guarantee anything, whether you play online roulette or in a real casino use these systems carefully and gamble responsibly.