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August 21st, 2011

If you consider yourself to be one of the many people who participate in playing poker over the web on a regular basis then you will of course be au fait with the perils that come with such a perilous past time, many people who embark on a trip to online poker Mecca expect to be able to divert from their journey at any time with relative easy but instead find the medusa of greed and procrastination standing in their way from getting away from playing the likes of WPT Poker. However many of us know that the reality of getting away from the laptop is a lot harder and the difference between playing online and playing in real life is that you cannot judge or gauge your competitors reactions and you cant sense which way the game is going, this puts you at a significant handicap when playing online and playing the likes of Euro Club Poker which essentially means youre playing blind.

There is also a disassociation factor that people experience when playing poker online, this means that they don’t perceive the money that they are loosing to be real money and quite often the penny will only drop when they receive their monthly statement through from them bank. Players minds tend to wonder as well while playing in poker rooms such as 24h Poker and games can go through the night and in to the early hours of the next day in search for that next big win, this is where poker ceases to become a flutter and starts to become an addiction because winning large amounts of money is quite a thrill and people keep playing to replicate that excitement.

Its exceptionally easy to be lured into playing poker and sometimes the best cure is not to get involved in the first place, especially when you now no longer need to leave the comfort of your own home, but dear not fellow internet user for you too can avoid the perils of poker playing and proactive steps such as sitting on your hands or baking a cake can help you to avoid gambling your months pay cheque away.