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May 24th, 2011

Author: Jerry Gaitan

We assume you are familiar with playing poker (and you’re probably good at it), so we will just focus on explaining to you the difference between online poker rules and the rules that govern land-based casino poker.

Online Poker Rule #1: The Difference in Building Online Poker Bankroll

In a land-based casino, you have to buy chips from a dealer on a table and that’s it. In online poker, it’s not really as easy because buying virtual chips have a bit more requirements.

In an online card room, there can be a limit to how much you can deposit money per day. It all depends on the site’s deposit methods. This just means that you will have a certain bankroll online even if you have more cash available. That is why in an online poker game, you have to start building up a bankroll. Ways of building up an online bank account is to win or to make deposits on a daily basis.

If you are a hardcore, high-limit player, we suggest contacting the site’s customer support so that you can ease the restrictions on the deposit of you poker bankroll.

While in land-based casinos, the only problem you face when it concerns your bankroll is, well, your lack of money. In virtual poker casino, the deposit limit of the online site really does affect the game you are playing. Even if you’re always winning and even if you play aggressively, you can lose all your online bankroll money and you cannot play anymore because your deposit is gone (even if you have cash available). So, you cannot bet too aggressively, and we all know as poker players this can hamper your game.

Our best advice in coming out on top in spite of these online poker rules is to always play at the level of your bankroll. Do not bet haphazardly or more than what your bankroll can accommodate as it might cost you a night where you cannot play because you do not have sufficient online funds.

Online Poker Rule # 2: The Difference in Getting Your Cash

In a land-based casino, cashing in is as easy as presenting your chips to the counter. In online poker, cashing in is not a problem. It is just that there are more steps in cashing out.

The first rule is you can cash out only once in two days (this varies from different casino sites). This rule is a way to also prevent money laundering as they do not want people to always be depositing cash and checking it out.

Another one of the online poker rules in cashing out is some sites may ask you to credit your cash back in the same way as your deposit method. This means if you deposited US$ 500 from your credit card and then you win US $ 1,000, the site might tell you it will give you US$500 to your credit card and the US $500 will be in check.

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