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August 6th, 2011

Author: Phil Gunn

Gambling, we’ve all done it. It’s considered a sin, a vice and some would go so far as to call it evil. You may look at the neon lights of vegas with disdain or you might be allured by the sound of dropping coins in the slots. Whichever stance you take the truth is we have all gambled in life to some extent and we have all felt that adrenaline rush. Read how to win more and lose less.

Whatever your experience with gambling is, forget it. Infact, that’s rule number 1.

There are no secrets here, deep down you already know this is the only way to win but its sticking to this advice we all struggle with.

This advice is coming from someone who has lost everything and built it back up again following the guidlines I’m about to tell you.

Be composed

Learn not let negative or positive betting outcomes affect your decision making. Don’t ever let yourself get carried away if you win big, do not convince yourself that it will be O.K to bet beyond your limits as you’re ‘luck is in.’ No matter how know your horses, your poker, your football if your composure isn’t consistant you are destined to ultimately fail. Once you begin to spot the warning signs that emotion and not logic is controlling your decisions, take a break.

Bankroll Management

This applies to all forms of gambling not just poker. You need to accept that losses will happen, sometimes extensively so and to be able to cope with our losses we need BRM. It’s simpler than it sounds, just use a 5% rule. If you have 100 your maximum bet will be 5. Never go above the 5% rule and even if you had the worst streak in the world you would still, in all likeliness have some money because you would be constantly lowering your wagers accordingly.

More literally to the other sense of the term ‘bankroll management,’ keep a separate betting account. Ideally you want to persevere with the ideology that you are going to be strict with these rules and you won’t need to future deposits.

DO chase your losses

Yes you read that right. Do it, but with composure. Bet within your limits, with logic and you will win it back slowly. If your losses have hit you so hard that you have had to drop the amount you wager then just accept it’s going to take longer to win it back.

Know your odds

Learn what constitutes a valued price in your eyes for a bet. That sounds like common sense but it’s not so obvious really. Every bet you place you should be content in the fact that the money you have wagered is offering you sufficient returns.

Avoid accumulators

You don’t have to avoid them entirely but ones that are spread out across days and weeks are pointless. Keep your accumulators to short time periods like a day or two at the max. Any prior research of those bets may be nullified over longer periods ie injury to star play or loss of form.

Research, research, research.

The more knowledge you hold, the more informed decisions you can make and inevitably a greater yield for success.

Find the best odds available to you instead of just betting at the same old bookeeper, make sure when you place a bet you are going to get the best value for your money. There’s plenty of resources about to do this, including my own site.

The more equipped you are the larger your bankroll will grow. The more you read the more consistently people who have made money consistently will tell you what I have told you. If you think about it, applying those same rules in any walk of life or situation can do you no harm. We can all be a bit more patient, sensible and apply logic to our decision making more often. There are so many resources for gambling tips, hints and strategies but it all boils down to the very same simple principles that we all find so hard to stick to. You just need to constantly reassure yourself that if you stick to the above it will work out better in the long run.

You should really consider putting it all to the test by playing with a free bankroll or taking advantage of free bets before risking a great deal of your own money. Infact try your best NOT to deposit any money and take advantage of the money you can get for nothing off the bookies.

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