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February 22nd, 2011

If you’re thinking about using a sports betting system to give you an advantage over sportsbooks and casino bookmakers, then make sure you invest in one that works in the long-run. But what factors should you take a look at inside a system to understand whether it’s likely to last or otherwise? It’s quite common knowledge that most will eventually fail and therefore are usually only a short-lived streak of good luck. However the ones which are the most successful have passed the test of time, and they all have similar qualities. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a sports betting system that will work for you personally:

Choose a betting system having a proven, consistent track record of success with published past results.

Some systems are superior to others and their real, attainable results are what distinguishes them. The very best sports betting systems are the type that offer a track record of their success and clearly explain the steps of that they were able to consistently win sports bets over a any period of time of time. Few actually work like they are saying they will because they can make the illusion of being able to predict the prospect of success. Edge in the game giving credit to a number of meaningless criteria, or conditions for the system that make it work, and resulting games that win will appear to possess won because of the system. The truth is, however, the circumstances actually had absolutely nothing to do using the probability that it would be a success. In other words, they are saying they have been successful for games in the past which were actually a result of a 50% possibility of winning, or it was just sheer luck. This really is a primary reason the reasons sports betting systems have been known eventually fail.

Choose a system from an industry renown professional or well-known sports handicapper.

The individuals who devote their lives to sports betting usually have some understanding how the average bettor doesn’t, plus they usually have the very best inside knowledge and most betting experience available. The truly sharp developers of betting systems are likely great with numbers too. Most systems didn’t work and therefore are unsuccessful because they are created by individuals who seem to be crafty with numbers, but in fact they never had enough experience, real data, or consistent results to back up their claims. The bad systems will eventually self-destruct or even the oddsmakers will ultimately catch on to their discovery making it no long profitable to allow them to use the system. So better to select a system from someone well-known as being involved in the gambling world as well as that has an analytical background.

Use your own intuition!

Gambling is really a fickle practice and counting on a system is even trickier, so think about the science behind it. The more games which are took part in an activity, the greater data there’s to attract upon, thus the more likely a system could make an accurate prediction. There are a few sports betting systems which are calculated from years of historical data, which enables them to exploit the anomalies based on that large number of games played within the sporting database. The idea behind creating a system depending on pure statistics can legitimately support their claim. These kinds of revolutionary sports betting systems are rare but they are definitely possible to learn from in the long-run, and can be impossible for oddsmakers to adjust their lines against them in time. You know that are working because they prove it with winning their results year after year.

You can now select a sports betting system that you think will work best for you if you follow these simple guidelines. However, in the end the reality of it is how the only thing that really matters are results. So if you choose one and it is earning you easy money on the consistent basis it would seem that you have found a sports betting system that works for you!

Hope that helps.

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