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September 15th, 2011

In this article we will talk about the everyday lotteries. Games Pick 3 and Pick 4 are designed for people who want to check their luck every day, but still have a good chance of winning. In most states, the players can play twice a day, six days a week and once on Sundays.

Playing the Pick 3, you must select a three digit number (from 000 to 999), and Pick 4 – 4 digits number. In addition, both games have four varieties, which have special forms: “other way”, “exact order”, “exact order / any order” or “combination.” For the first two versions you will only pay 50 cents, for the third you will pay one dollar for a “combination” , because it combines all the previous types of games.

Playing in “any order”, you just have to guess the winning number, not caring about the order in which they fell. When playing in “the exact order / any order,” you can win double the amount, if you guess right, not only numbers but also the order in which they fall (guess the numbers will bring you the usual amount of winning).

Playing in the “combination”, you bet on all the variations of the exact orders on one ticket. A simple example: you play the Pick 3, and select the numbers 3-1-5 and winning combination is 5-1-3. “Any order” will bring you the win, but “the exact order” remains without prize money.

If the player chose the “exact order / any order”, he gets a small cash prize, which is essentially a “reassuring”. But when you play “combination”, winning is in the same form as in the game “The exact order.” Consider another example: a player has bet on a combination of 4-3-7, and this combination is a winning one. In this case, the ticket “any order” much less wins than any other ticket options.

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