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March 18th, 2011

When people lie they often attempt to cover their mouths, eyes or ears with their hands. It is known that when children lie they use these obvious deceit gestures quite openly.

But when a person gets older the hand-to-face gestures is becoming less obvious and more refined but they are still occurring when a person is lying for covering up or witnessing a deceit.
But deceit also has others meanings like: uncertainty, doubt, exaggeration or lying .Also when playing a poker game if a person is using a hand-to-face gesture it does not always mean that this person is lying.

If you notice that some person is using a hand-to-face gesture you should not interrupt because it might indicate you that the person may be deceiving you but also can confirm your suspicions from the further observation of his other gesture.

The mouth guard gesture is not to be confused with evaluation gestures. By giving a fake cough many people are trying to disguise the mouth guard gesture.

If someone who is speaking is using the mouth guard gesture ,it indicates that hi is telling a lie, or if some one covers up his mouth when you are speaking it indicates you he is feeling that you are lying to him. The nose touch gesture is disguised version of the mouth guard gesture. The nose touch contains one quick, almost imperceptible touch or of several light rubs below the nose. The explanation for the nose touch gesture is when a negative thought enters the mind, the subconscious mind instructs the hand to cover up the mouth but at the very last moments in attempt not to look so obvious the hand is pooling away from the face and the last result is the quick nose touch gesture. Another theory is when some person is lying the delicate nerve endings in the nose are tingling and than the rubbing takes place so satisfy that feeling. But now comes the question what if that person is having a real nose itch? Normally the itch in some person nose is satisfied by a very deliberate scratching action, as opposed to the light strokes of the nose touch gesture.
The eye rub theory is that if a person is telling a lie hi is rubbing his eye and he is looking towards the floor. The person who is doing the eye gesture is to avoid looking in to the eyes in the person that he is deceiving or lying.

Reading your opponent gestures is one of the best ways the achive good results while playing poker games. There are some other poker cheats that you can use while plaing poker to win a lot of money but is better if you play fair. So I hope with this poker tips you poker players will notice your opponent gesture and win that bet!

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