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February 13th, 2011

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the more popular table games in casinos. Caribbean Stud Poker is similar to regular five card stud poker except that you play against the house, there are different betting rules and there is a progressive jackpot available. Casinos looking to capitalize on the popularity of poker came up with a table game called Caribbean stud. The game originally did not have a progressive jackpot, once it was added the popularity of the game soared. This was the first online casino game to have a progressive jackpot.

The rules of the game are simple Caribbean Stud Poker Is easy to play. Each player places an ante or initial bet on a designated spot on the table. Anyone who places an ante then has the option to participate in the progressive jackpot. This is done by placing a chip on the designated spot on the table. The dealer will then place the chip in a slot that activates the progressive jackpot light for that player for the hand. All players and the dealer will then receive five cards face down. The dealer will turn over one of his own cards first, then he will push the players cards toward the players, they may then look at their cards. Knowing what cards the other players have increases a players chance, therefore you cannot look at the other players hands.

Once the players see the dealers card they are given the option of playing or folding. If they choose to play, they place another bet that is twice the size of their ante in the spot on the table labeled “Bet.” If the player chooses to fold, they lose their ante. After all the players have made their decisions, the dealer reveals his hole cards. The dealer only plays with an ace/king or higher. The dealer then compares their cards to the other player’s cards and the player’s hands that beat the dealer’s hand wins.

The easiest strategyis to play Ace/King and all pairs or higher, and to fold all lower hands. Using this strategy the online gambling house holds an edge of 5.31% on the ante bet. The ante bet pays even money when the player beats the house or when the dealer does not get at least an ace/king and does not play. If the dealer does not get a hand to that he can play against the player the players hand does not matter, they only win their ante bet.

When the dealer is playing the player collects at the following payout rates. If the player wins with a pair or lower they will be paid 1 to 1. If they win with two pairs they will be paid 2 to 1. If they win with three of a kind they will be paid 3 to 1. If they win with a straight they will be paid 4 to 1. If they win with a flush they will be paid 5 to 1 plus $50 from the progressive. If they win with a full house they will be paid 7 to 1 plus $100 from the progressive. If they win with four of a kind they will be paid 20 to 1 plus $500 from the progressive. If they win with a straight flush they will be paid 50 to 1 plus 10% of the progressive jackpot and if they win with a royal flush they will be paid 100 to 1 plus 100% of the progressive jackpot.

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