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October 22nd, 2011

If you are new to poker playing, then you have to know that there are several mistakes that a lot of new players make. If you want to succeed, you have to avoid these mistakes:

– Playing to many hands

The majority of beginners are unaware of how strong their poker hand is and thus tend to play with hands that have to be folded from the start.

– Getting too aggressive with raises

One of the common mistakes is to bet high raises with too many weak poker hands. This could be because of the fact that play is inexperienced enough to see the hand is weak or they are just trying to play aggressive poker too soon. You have to understand that a lot of experienced poker players are aggressive because after many years of playing poker they could easily spot weakness in their opponents face and thus they bully their way to winning with aggressive raises. A new player will not have the knowledge or an ability to do this yet and the raise with weak hands will cost them a lot of their chip stack.

– Failure to use the correct poker terminology when playing bets

This could seem a strange mistake, but poker terminology could catch all types of poker players. What is known as string betting is a common beginner mistake. All you have to know is whether your first call is and this is what you have to play. For example, a player bets $10 to the pot and the next player says that he or she calls your $10 and raise another $10. Their raise would not be accepted in a proper game of poker. Keep in mind that the dealer will always go with your first bet which is calling $10. The proper statement would be ‘I raise $20’. And thus covering the $10 bet and resizing $10.

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